Nerd Costumes Girls: How to dress and act like a nerd

Nerd Costumes Girls: How to dress and act like a nerd

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Do you want to come across as the real thing; a real nerd girl that is.  It is the perfect costume for any type of costume party.  For Halloween or just a fun thing to do if you’re bored.

Below are the steps you can follow to get yourself ready for the transformation into a nerd girl.  Keep in mind that this is only for the fun of dressing up as the nerd costumes for girls.

  •  The stereotype:  The first thing to do is to think about what is the typical stereotype for nerds.  Typically we think of nerds to have glasses.  They are usually horn rimmed and thick.  They also usually have braces and a dorky look on their face.  Their walk is kind of clumsy since they are not very athletic.  So the posture is a bit awkward.  They also usually know it all and like to tell people facts about topics nobody really is interested in.


  • The mindset:  Now that we have gone through the stereotype profile, you need to get into the mindset of a nerd.  A nerd is like a genius in a specific area.  You can do this as well and find out all the facts about something that you really like.  You need not only to look like a nerd but to talk like a nerd.  It can be fun just to ramble on about your favorite subject.  You will definitely annoy everyone; but just for the fun of it!
  • How to become an expert:  It is time to do some homework.  I know this sounds horrible, but you can make it fun if you are interested in a subject.  Let’s take a famous singer or actor.  Try to find out all the tidbits that are interesting and use this as your nerd talk.  This is really easy to find.  Just turn on your computer and type in the name and you’ll find tons of gossip for you to use.

  • The appearance:  Nerds are not dirty or smelly.  So you want your hair to be clean and tidy.  Wear a hairstyle that is simple and fast to make.  Nerds are not that worried about a fashionable hairstyle.  The best thing is to wear it tied back in a ponytail, pigtails or something of that sort.
  •  The fingernails should be taken into consideration as well.  A nerd never has time to do their fingernails since they are too busy reading or studying.    So I would recommend using a clear nail polish for this nerd costume for girls or if you really want to be daring then use a very tacky color.
  • The makeup:  There are two types of makeup styles to go with.  The most common style is the simple look.  Here again the nerd girl has no time to pluck her eyebrows or put on any makeup.  So for this style go easy on the makeup.  The other style is the tacky makeup style.  Using bright blue eye makeup, strong blush and a tacky lipstick style.  Check here for more nerd girl make up tips.

  • The outfit:  The typical outfit consists of a white button up shirt and a high- waist skirt.   You can wear knee highs and flat unfashionable functional shoes.  There are so many different nerd costumes for girls to buy or even to get ideas from.  But the most important accessory is the nerd glasses.  This accessory is the only modern piece so you can go all out and buy some cool ones that you can use for your own outfits later.

Click here for more nerd costumes for girls.  There are alot of nerdy ideas and maybey you will find your favorite nerd costume.


The main thing is to have fun dressing up in your nerd costume for girls and who knows the style may become modern again.


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