Nerd Costumes Girls

Welcome Nerds or wanna be nerds.  Dress up in nerd costumes for girls or even guys who want to dress up as a girl nerd LOL.  I always have to chuckle when guys try their best to dress up as girls for costume parties.

Well getting back to the nerd costume for real girls, it is really easy and fast to put together. This costume idea is great and easy to create whether you need the full blown costume or only a few accessories.    The main thing is to have fun dressing up and this costume is really for everyone!

These are the things I have found for you nerds to be:

1. Nerd Costumes Girls

2. Girl Nerd Accessories:   wigs, nerd kits, nerd belly piercings, teeth, braces,     stockings, socks, shoes

3. Sexy Nerd Costumes for Girls

4. Girl Nerd T-Shirts

Cute nerd costumes girls
These cute dresses come in many different colors and motives. Here is the nerd version.  Do you and your friends want to be a nerd group?  Then here is a cute idea. You can even pass out the nerd candys to your friends or even to get to know someone new.  It is a great ice breaker.  This outfit works really well for best friend halloween costumes.


I Love Nerds Costume

This nerd costume for girls is for the cute nerd girl look.

This is a one piece dress that looks like a two piece.  The t-shirt has the I love nerds print on front and the skirt is a plaid mini skirt with suspenders attached to it.  I also has a matching bow and of course the most important accessory the nerd glasses.

What you would need to have are some knee highs and shoes that match.  You can always wear high heels, but I think flats are good for this costume too.  Now all you need to do is your hair and makeup and your done!

Girl Nerd Kit

This is great if you already know what you want to wear and just need some extra nerdy stuff to complete your outfit. All of us have something in our closet that qualifies as nerd gear.  Just take a white shirt or blouse and button it all the way up.  Then take a baggy pair of pants and pull it all the way up and secure it with a thin belt.  Now all you need is the nerd kit to spice it all up.  Another great idea is to wear the girl nerd t-shirt shown below.

What you get are three things.  It comes with suspenders, bow tie and your nerd glasses. So put it on and your ready to go.

 Female Nerd Accessories

Female Nerd Kit:  wig, glasses and braces

This is a must have if you want the look of a real girl nerd.  You can use this accessory to make the dorky nerd girl look by leaving the hairdoo as is.  If you want the cute nerd girl look then you can just make two ponytails with cute bows.  To make the cute look even better use these makeup tips show here.

This package Includes one black wig and comes with glasses and braces and is a great deal!

 Blonde Prom Queen Nightmare Wig

The blond and red head model are perfect for the dorky nerd costume for girls.  They make the costume look really dorky and can look really funny.

This blonde Prom Queen Nightmare Wig is the queen of nerds.

The Red Head Prom Queen Nightmare Wig

Isn’t she beautiful !?  Guarenteed to get compliments and maybey even attract your nerd guy.

Wig cap:  A great tip is to wear a wig cap which helps to control your hair under the wig. Your hair won’t slip out and give the wig a perfect look.  The wig will fit better and is more comfortable.

Nerd Belly Piercing

 Nerd Socks

These socks can be combined with your outfit.  If you make your own outfit these socks can give you that extra look you are looking for.

 Nerd Teeth
It’s all in the smile.  You need to have the right nerd smile.

Nerd Braces

 Ugly Betty
Includes wig, glasses, braces and neclace.

Sexy Nerd Costumes Girls

The other nerd look is the sexy nerd girl look.  Here are some ideas to look at and you can pick up some ideas.  For this look you need a sexy outfit and of course all the right accessories.  The nerd glasses, the hosery and high heels.



Click here for a whole bunch of more sexy nerd costume ideas



 Matching Shoes
These shoes go with most girl nerd costumes.


Girl Nerd T-Shirts

These t-shirts are cult and can be worn with your own nerd costume for girls that you have created on your own.  The nice thing about these t-shirts is that you can wear them long after the party is over.  People will of course read your t-shirt and they make for great conversations.





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